1970 C10

Trucks….you can always find the need for them. What better way to own a truck that having one that’s a classic. It serves double duty – a cool classic that can be showed off and then as a work truck when needed. That was the plan – find an cheap old truck, get it running and then drive the heck out of it.

So I started searching Craigslist like a madman. I like the style of the 67-72 C10′s so that’s what I filtered my searches on. I ended up finding a ‘non-runner’ owned by some young kid out of Portage, IN. I knew it was an easy fix to get this running once I looked under the hood and saw the wiring mess. A deal was made for $1,000 and Adam helped tow the thing home in the late summer of 2009.

The plan was dubbed a ‘budget build’. This meant to keep the input funds on the truck low – just get it running, pretty it up and drive it all over. That plan was thrown in the trash soon after I started digging into it. I guess I’m sort of a perfectionist and I had a very difficult time drawing the line on where to stop. So this turned out to be a full frame-off restoration with everything taken apart and replaced. I can say that by doing all work myself, it still is a budget build, even if it turned out to be a little more of a ‘show’ truck that what was originally planned.

Fast forward a little over one year and you’re to where it stands right now. I’m finishing up final assembly, wet sanding and buffing. The goal is to drive it into the infield for the Chicago Good Guys.

It’s sporting the original L6 250, but there are furture plans to swap the 78 Camaro engine into it (LT1 going into the Camaro). Furture plans are endless….air bags is first on the list.

Working on the L6

Drivetrain, suspension, brakes, frame, etc complete

Way, way, way too much metal work! (cab corners, a pillars, b pillars, header panel, rear fender work, door skins and frames, hood work, inner and outer rockers, dash and cowl, too many other misc patches to mention). Most people wouldn’t even attempt to restore something this bad, but I live in the Midwest so there’s no other option unless I spend some mucho dinero.

Death Booth (sand blasting booth) to bring down to bare metal

Ready for paint

Paint Complete

All Pictures


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