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To sum the weekend up in one word FUN.  This years Torquefest was as close to perfect as anyone could ever ask for.  I hope John Wells made a ton of money because his show is the best in the midwest, and the cause is certainly worthy of 100x more money than he probably earned.  I went out on Thursday night with Roy, Mike, and Jen.  We drove through a steady down pour 3/4 the way out to our first destination of Apple Caynon Lake.  Friday morning we took a cruise down to LeClaire Iowa to check out Antique Archeology.  Their shop was cool, but the drive down was definately the highlight of the day.  Saturday we headed out to Torquefest bright and early, and we were not disappointed in any way.  This show was awesome.  The new venue is perfect.  Hundreds of hot rods, motorcycle racing, and the highlight for me, a chance to take my car around the dirt track with the wife and kids.  This was truely a weekend that we will cherish and remember for a long time.  597 miles in one weekend in a 1949 Ford alongside family and friends is a truely wonderful experience.  I would recommend to anyone who doesn’t have an old car to get one because it is good clean fun, and a wonderful way to spend time with your family and friends.  As always, a huge thanks to Roy and Mike because without their help and support I would not be able to experience this wonderful thing called car shows.

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  1. Thank yourself. You’re the one that did the work and pulled all nighters. I was just your boss ;)

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