2 miles around the neighborhood last night and I came back with a list of things to fix that is close to a 1/2 page long… The TF trip is going to be tight if it’s made.

I had a couple wires switched on my dash, so the gauges went haywire if I turned on the blinker or the lights. I got that fixed.

Brakes and Signals were all messed up too. That turned out to be a faulty 3rd brake light and got that fixed too (I’ll never buy anything from Hoffman group – everything they have is junk).

Car overheated real quick! Come to find out, the fans I got with my radiator purchase were only 800 cfm each (1600 total), so I bought one new one at 2150 and I’m hoping this will keep things cool. Keeping one 800 in there too.

Alternator was squealing like a stuck pig. Cheap, stamped metal bracket is to blame so I bought a new over-priced one with the adjustable heim-joints. Have a new belt on order.

Horn contact gets stuck when turning the wheel. Had to pull the fuse on it to quiet it down.

Brakes are real bad. Hope I can figure this one out without too much pain. I hate brake work.

That’s just a list of the major items, like I said…it’s a long list and a very short time to get everything done.


Apr 242012

This past weekend was the 4th Annual Metal Melters Spring Cruise.  We cruised down to Pontiac along Route 66.  Here are some pictures of the action…

Here are all of the pictures




Fired up the 54 Chevy tonight. Finally got exhaust done. 24″ thrush glass packs. It’s loud. Maybe too loud.
Had to shut it down quick because I had a lot of leaks… which will get sorted out next week. First road ride should be soon.


Sunday, April 22 is this years cruise date.  We are cruising  to Pontiac Illinos along the Historic Route 66.  We will be meeting at 9:30 AM at Roy’s Garage.  It will be an awesome time, so get all your last minute final touches on your ride done.




Some work done this weekend on the ol 50

All the rest of the pictures here…


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