Adam, Joe and I took the back roads into the Sycamore show. Very cool event with great location, 700+ cars and lots of new things to see. The sun was pretty relentless though – especially after a day full of drinking ;)

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Update 1: Offy + 4 BBL on C10

Scored a 4 BBL offenhauser intake from craigslist. Guy didn’t know what he had (thought it was an intake for a jeep). Part was brand new, old stock. Still had the tag on it.

Rebuilt my old Holly Economaster 450 CFM, but couldn’t get past a rich bog off-idle so I emptiedĀ  my wallet for a brand new Holley 390. I swear I picked up 40-50 HP just with this install.

This turned out to take longer than expected. I had issues with the original exhaust manifold and fab’ing up a bracket for the throttle and 700R4 TV cable. Well worth the time. Much improvement and looks over the Monojet.









Update 2: Front Disc on Biscayne

Another project that turned into more time than originally planned. I ended up replacing every single brake line. Also had trouble with first master that I installed, so that came back out, a replacement went in and then had to rebleed everything. I hate brake fluid. I feel much better now that the old single master and 4 wheel drum brakes are long gone.












Caravan: Scott, Adam, TJ, Todd, Wes, Ted and Mike

700+ cars

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