Guess what this is…

Found a set of 6 lug rally’s on CL for cheap. So I blasted them down and prettied them up for a new set of tires. I have the same thing on the C10 now, but this way I can put the new tires (which I need) on these wheels and have plenty of spare.

Adam and Brian were cool enough to stop by to snap some pictures


I have a couple updates on the C10

First, power disk brake upgrade with 2.5″ drop spindles. This was a harder project than I expected with a few surprises along the way. The most difficult was converting to a floor shift because the column shifter hit the power booster.

Next was the rebuild the 12 bolt. I did a bearing rebuild and kept the same 3.73 gears and open diff. This was a lot easier with the new HF shop press. Last time was a nightmare, this time it was cake with that press.

Now I just have some minor buffing and other misc stuff and it’ll be ready for showing


Here are some pictures of the passenger door latch installation.

I finally cut the old latch out of the 49, and installed a new one.

Adam came over last night to help put my hood back on. It looked like he had been crying and when I asked why he carefully took his hand out of his pocket and showed me. While replacing the latches on his 49 Ford (which he should get on here and post some progress), the 4 1/2 inch angle grinder nicked his glove and went into the skin. As I grabbed a tissue for him to clear his eyes, I couldn’t help feeling some kind of deja vu about it, but I still can’t seem to put my finger on what it was.

Sweet! First timer with a High Tech Retrofit (modern fuel injection into an older car) and I did it without any codes being thrown or MIL/SES lights! I won’t declare a full success until I get a couple hundred miles on it, but I can say it started up great last night and everything worked perfect.

All that’s left to do is to button everything back up and put the hood back on. As with every other project, this one was expensive enough that I couldn’t imagine the total cost if you paid someone to do it for you. I’m a DIY’er forever. I’ll get some pictures/videos online soon.


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