Hit the Volo Museum on Friday, a couple Muffler Men on Sat morning and then toughed the cold weather and rain for Sat’s show. Not many pictures and the ones I took came out crappy before I realize the camera was stuck on same crazy setting -  but there are some worth looking at. Maybe next year we’ll get some good weather….

Link to the rest here

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Stopped by this on the way home from Elkhorn Swap Meet. Big money here…


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Drove out to Sycamore to check out the Threshing show. Not many pictures, but there was some cool stuff there and it was a nice Sunday drive.
IMAG0513 IMAG0519 IMAG0520 IMAG0518 IMAG0515IMAG0510

Had some minor setbacks on the way up, but they happened early so everyone made it to the show. Good weather and good times by all.

All the pictures from show are here


Very good time and well worth the drive. We were 11,777 registered on Sat morning so there was close to 12,000 cars here. Neat place for a show, it’s a city within itself with a police department, hospital, restaurants, etc. We’ll make this an annual trip. Too many people and cars to really take pictures, but I have a few.

The way home we took the Great River Road from MN to IL. Four states and 500 miles in one day.
The rest of the pictures here

Vintage Torquefest Photo Link





Getting close:






Pictures Here

New Crate 383 is in, old 350 is out.

New Limited Slip differential with 3:55 Gears installed

700R4 installed also…but it’s experiencing very late shifts, so I dropped the valve body and the builder is sending out a replacement. Bought a fresh, rebuilt transmission and I still have to take it apart.Nice..

It should be leaving some burnouts on Commercial very soon.


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